Monteclair / Ensemble Odyssee

Monteclair / Ensemble Odyssee: Dancing with the Sun King

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Title: Dancing with the Sun King
Label: Pan Classics

Louis XIV (1638-1715) was the personal embodiment of France and he loved to dance. The king himself was a fine dancer and had many opportunities to demonstrate his skill at the multiple dance balls given at Versailles. Michel Pignolet de Montéclair's "Sérénade en Concerts" is a collection of dances probably written for one such occasion. The collection is exceptional because it contains all the music that was performed in one evening, divided into three parts: airs de fanfares, airs tendres, and airs champêtres. When Jean-Féry Rebel, one of the violin players of the Vingt-quatre violons, wrote "Les caractères de la danse", he launched a new fashion: the piece was written for a solo female dancer who performed a rapid succession of different dances, completely changing character every few bars. The piece achieved great popularity.

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