Monteverdi / Saskova / Grange

Monteverdi / Saskova / Grange: Madrigali E Mottetti

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Monteverdi / Saskova / Grange
Title: Madrigali E Mottetti

Love and sensuality seen through the medium of woman inspire the highest points of Monteverdi's music. He reminds us that mystical love is imbued with sensuality, even eroticism, and that sensual pleasure and passionate, carnal love for a woman border on the sacred. With this new release, the ensemble Il Festino have aimed to bring out the whole range of nuances associated with love and womanhood. Two female singers, accompanied by five instrumentalists, guide us along the two banks of this torrent. There are bridges, though, and we are able to cross them. One moment we are letting ourselves be cradled by the gentleness of our Holy Mother, the next we are laying down our weapons before the voluptuous breast of a Madonna.

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