Moraz, Patrick / Bruford, Bill

Moraz, Patrick / Bruford, Bill: In Tokyo

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Artist: Moraz, Patrick / Bruford, Bill
Title: In Tokyo

Digitally remastred edition of this 1985 release. Bill Bruford was the original drummer in Yes and a long term member of King Crimson before devoting his career to jazz. Patrick Moraz was also a member of YES, during the Relayer period, and then became a member of The Moody Blues. The Moraz-Bruford collaborative albums have always held a fascination amongst fans because they feature two former members of Yes who were in the band during different eras. Moraz-Bruford first went into the studio in October 1983 and this re-release happens to coincide with the 35th Anniversary of the duo making their first recordings, which continue to have an ongoing appeal to this day. The album has been out of print for some time and this re-release, on Bruford's own Winterfold Records, was overseen personally by Bill Bruford, with the knowledge of Patrick Moraz.

1.1 Blue Brains
1.2 Hazy
1.3 Eastern Sundays
1.4 Cachaca
1.5 Galatea
1.6 The Drum Also Waltzes
1.7 Flags
1.8 Children's Concerto
1.9 Jungles of the World
1.10 Temples of Joy

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