Mordbrand: Wilt

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mordbrand

Title: Wilt
Label: Carnal Records

2017 release by this Swedish death metal band featuring members of God Macabre. Wilt is a showcase of diverse death metal mastery and a ferocious beast alike. This album marks a new beginning for the band and they have taken things up to a new level. The album was mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory (Lik/Usurpress/Darkane). Artwork by Nathalie Ziegler and layout by Lukasz Jaszak (Decapitated/Vomitory/Volturyon/Cut Up and more).

1.1 Bleed Into Nought
1.2 Delivering the Gods
1.3 Worship Predation
1.4 At the Larvae Column
1.5 Throes of Glorious Death
1.6 To Pursue Damnation
1.7 Venomousmyrrh
1.8 Wilt
1.9 Give in to Oblivion

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