Moriah Peters: Brave

Moriah Peters: Brave
Title: Brave
Label: Reunion

I CHOOSE JESUS. Co-produced by Seth Mosley and Joel Smallbone, BRAVE is sure to excite fans of her debut and engage a whole new audience. With a stronger, bolder sound, Moriah builds on her challenge to listeners to bravely fallow after Christ. BRAVE invites fans to come alongside Moriah in her journey with a fun and powerful new sound.

1.1 Brave
1.2 (O Fear) My God Is Near
1.3 To Leave It All Behind
1.4 You Carry Me
1.5 Stand Strong
1.6 I'll Wait for You
1.7 Don't Want to Live for Me
1.8 Born to Be Free
1.9 Waterfall
1.10 Give Me Jesus
1.11 Brave

Moriah Peters: Brave

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