Mosaic / O.S.T.

Mosaic / O.S.T.: Mosaic (Music From the HBO Limited Series)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Mosaic / O.S.T.

Artist: Mosaic / O.S.T.
Title: Mosaic (Music From the HBO Limited Series)
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP version. Red vinyl. Initially released as an interactive app in which the viewer directed the narrative - Mosaic is a six-part HBO series conceived and directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Sharon Stone. Mosaic is a twisting tale of passion, intrigue, and deception focusing on the disappearance of a high-profile resident of picturesque Summit, Utah and the four-year effort by law- enforcement and civilians to discover the truth behind the crime. With that in mind, David Holmes's original soundtrack for Mosaic weaves as intriguing a tale. Recorded between Belfast and Los Angeles by Holmes, the album features a modern-day wrecking crew of musicians. Echoes of Ennio Morricone abound alongside the influence of avant-garde pioneers and Holmes's current soundtrack contemporaries in a selection of deep listening tracks. To quote Mark Kermode, Mosaic outlines Holmes's expertise at "ratcheting up the tension" with strings, horns, and synthesizers swelling throughout. As this tension peaks there is inevitable release - in rhythmic and harmonic tracks such as "What I Want Is The Red Room" and Badalamenti-esque lounge eeriness in the likes of "Four Years Later" - guiding the 20 cues presented on this release into a cohesive, full, and nuanced album that reveals subtle and rewarding intricacies on each repeated listen. Mosaic once again outlines Holmes as a modern master of the original soundtrack.

1.1 Theme from Mosaic
1.2 Four Years Later
1.3 That Is Most Definitely Him
1.4 I've Instructed Them to Check the Dumpsters
1.5 What I Want Is the Red Room
1.6 Does It Matter Which Side of Her Jaw Was Hit?
1.7 I Don't Trust Her
1.8 Olivia Lake
1.9 Petra Enters the Red Room
1.10 Body Removal
1.11 Francis, I Need You to Focus
1.12 Pull Over Joel, Just Pull Over!!
1.13 Ask Clarence
1.14 Deep Down You're Lonely
1.15 Eric Neill Is Left Handed
1.16 I Prefer Your Suspicion to Your Pity
1.17 Sorry I Have No Comment
1.18 Strange Shirt Found with Body
1.19 I Know What I Have to Do
1.20 Mosaic

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