Mother's Finest: Iron Age

Title: Iron Age
Label: Rock Candy

Digitally remastered edition. Includes 16 page full-color booklet, new essay about the making of the album, enhanced artwork and previously unseen photos. Arguably Mother's Finest were the greatest funk rock band of all time. Formed in the early '70s they entered the scene as a full-on rock band, but with a unique sound that fused lean and mean bad ass funk with crunchy guitar driven white boy rock. Their debut album took the music world by the short and curlies, attracting praise from fans of both funk and traditional rock. They were equally at home being compared to Funkadelic as they were to Led Zeppelin. It was this unique musical mash-up that not only attracted praise but also caused a degree of confusion. Many critics, journalists and radio jocks couldn't quite place them into a specific bag; a problem that restricted their commercial progress, despite crafting some of the most exciting music of the era. This confusion also influenced the band's sound which had, on occasion, been wandering between styles. For Iron Age the band made a concerted effort to underscore their commitment to rock, crafting a record that simply confounded any notion that they were easing off the gas pedal. For many, this album is the pinnacle of the band's output, as it unleashes a torrent of hard and fast songs. Hats off to hostess-with-mostest Joyce Baby Jean Kennedy whose vocals are as good, if not superior, to both Tina Turner and Chaka Khan.

1.1 Movin' on
1.2 Luv Drug
1.3 Rock 'N Roll 2 Nite
1.4 U Turn Me on
1.5 All the Way
1.6 Evolution
1.7 Illusion (C'mon Over to My House)
1.8 Time
1.9 Gone with TH' Rain
1.10 Earthling

Mother's Finest: Iron Age

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