Mothertongue: Where The Moonlight Snows

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mothertongue

Title: Where The Moonlight Snows
Label: Bad Elephant

Second album from Manchester based prog/pop/indie/rock band Mothertongue. Louis Smith's songwriting is translated by the band into a cohesive yet diverse album which will delight all fans of good pop and rock music. The album also sees the debut of Mothertongue's new drummer, Filip Pardej, alongside Louis, Phil and Mark's triple guitar attack, Will Holden's bass grooves, and Andy Malbon's trumpet providing unique colour.

1.1 Blue Wicked Heart
1.2 The Creature Tree
1.3 Mal de Mer
1.4 Panic Rock
1.5 Ofelia
1.6 Sunset Rose
1.7 Shipwreck Song
1.8 It's Getting Weird
1.9 The Bullet
1.10 The Isle of Not Quite Right
1.11 Earthbound
1.12 Whatever Waves

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