Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack: Even If It Kills Me

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Motion City Soundtrack
Title: Even If It Kills Me

Their third release is a pop masterpiece; a smart, catchy album filled with infectious songs from start and finish. It recalls the clever pop of such iconic records as Weezer's BLUE ALBUM, combined with a sophistication and haunting honesty that puts them in league with indie auteurs like Death Cab for Cutie. Produced by Fountain of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger and former Cars frontman Ric Ocasek.

1.1 I Fell in Love Without You
1.2 This Is for Real
1.3 It Had to Be You
1.4 Last Night
1.5 Calling All Cops
1.6 Can't Finish What You Started
1.7 The Conversation
1.8 Broken Heart
1.9 Hello Helicopter
1.10 Where I Belong
1.11 Point of Extinction
1.12 Antonia
1.13 Even If Kills Me

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