Motip White

Motip White: Lywer Bent

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Motip White

Title: Lywer Bent
Label: Dorfjungs
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

After Marvin Horsch's surprisingly successful 2013 Pace EP, Cologne techno collective Dorfjungs distinguishes itself from the masses of modern DJ culture once again with Motip White's debut EP Lywer Bent. Four rough and raw anthems sonically located where house elements meet sunrise romance. Exciting sounds and middle-finger madness, leading away from formulaic techno, only to drift into wonderful rave-melancholy. Trash samples plunge into brave breaks, leaving the audience wondering if all structure will fall apart just before everything returns with brutal impact. The EP features an incredibly warm and uplifting remix of "No Time for Trash" by ambient charmer Cass.

1.1 Lywer Bent
1.2 Endless Fire
1.3 No Time For Trash
1.4 Backstreet Melancholia
1.5 No Time For Trash (Cass. Reprise)

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