Motorjesus: Race To Resurrection

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Artist: Motorjesus

Artist: Motorjesus
Title: Race To Resurrection
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release from this Mönchengladbach, Germany-based metal band. Race To Resurrection, like it's successful predecessor produced by Dan Swanö, is one hundred per cent Motorjesus, but even more rounded, more balanced and much more diverse than previous offerings. Motorjesus hits the asphalt with a mixture of metal, classic hard rock with some bits and pieces of '90s rock and stoner grooves. This extremely successful mix makes Motorjesus stand out - a mix which comes across more homogenously and conclusively now than ever before. Motorjesus has markedly increased their music's hit potential while assembling the engine for this album. The music hits you smack in the face while you find yourself happily singing along. Motorjesus have proved that this kind of riff rock mélange isn't exclusive to Scandinavia and the US - German bands also seem set to produce high-octane heavy rock music.

1.1 Tales from the Wrecking Ball
1.2 King Collider
1.3 Re-Ignite
1.4 Speedway Sanctuary
1.5 Casket Days
1.6 The Infernal
1.7 Burning Black
1.8 The Damage
1.9 The Storm
1.10 Engines of War
1.11 The Chase
1.12 Running Out of Time
1.13 Awaken the Tyrants

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