Red Shoe Diaries: Terrific Times and Unrehearsed Crimes

Moustache of Insanity: Terrific Times and Unrehearsed Crimes
Title: Terrific Times and Unrehearsed Crimes
Label: Jigsaw Recordings

While working on The Faintest Ideas compilation, I suggested (okay, demanded) that I also reissue the compilation of EPs the band did while they were known as the Javelins - you know, to make sure everything was available again. Originally released on Melodrama Records, this disc is slightly altered to reflect the band's changed name (before they found out there was already a band called the Javelins - oops!), and also to add two songs that the original did not include: A compilation track and the 7" version of "Same Shirt" (the other two songs on that single made it onto their debut album). So, if you buy this CD, the accompanying Faintest Ideas singles comp and their CLASSIC album on Magic Marker Records, then you will have the complete output of my favorite band of the '00s!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Talk-Along
1.3 We Need More Awesome
1.4 Dinner Party
1.5 Lynn Lowry
1.6 Aaaargh Nooooo!
1.7 (Up)(Down)(Left)(Right)
1.8 Dancing with Emma
1.9 Superiority Complex
1.10 Alright!
1.11 Laughing Scales
1.12 Battery
1.13 16,000KM [Bleep Monster Version] [Version]

Red Shoe Diaries: Terrific Times and Unrehearsed Crimes

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