Movits: Out of My Head

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Artist: Movits

Artist: Movits
Title: Out of My Head

OUT OF MY HEAD is the sophomore release from Swedish hip hop swing sensation Movits! Hailing from Lulee, Sweden 500 miles north of Stockholm, just south of the Arctic Circle, and at a latitude higher than that of Fairbanks, Alaska brothers Johan and Anders Rensfeldt, along with friend Joakim Nilsson recorded the album live over a four month period in the winter of 2010 at their studio in Lulee. Of the new album, the trio notes, "We didn't have a set theme in making OUT OF MY HEAD. All we knew was that we wanted to make tracks you won't be able to stand still when hearing."

1.1 Vad Dom N S Ger
1.2 Na Na Nah
1.3 Sammy Davis JR
1.4 I Andrahand
1.5 P Drift, Norbotten
1.6 Marching Band?
1.7 One Take, Take One
1.8 40 Bars
1.9 Kulturarbetarblues
1.10 Skjut Mig I Huvet
1.11 Huvudv Rken
1.12 Balaclavaboogie
1.13 Sammy Davis Jr. [Instrumental Version] [Instrumental]

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