Mozaik: Live from the Powerhouse

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Artist: Mozaik

Artist: Mozaik
Title: Live from the Powerhouse

First envisioned by venerable vocalists and multi-instrumentalist Andy Irvine, Mozaik is the ultimate global stringband, a truly international ensemble who can not only perform music from a wide array of cultures, but interweave their myriad influences into a entirely new sound. Mozaik moves effortlessly from Celtic to old-tyme to Easter Eropean music with intricate string arrangements.

1.1 My Heart's Tonight in Ireland/Robinson County/The Trip to Durrow
1.2 Suleman's Kopanitsa
1.3 The Rocky Road to Dublin/Indian Ate the Woodchuck
1.4 Romanian Hora/Black Jack Grove
1.5 Sandansko Oro/Mechkin Kamen
1.6 Pony Boy/Never Tire of the Road
1.7 A Blacksmith Courted Me/Blacksmithereens
1.8 Field Holler Medley
1.9 Baneasa's Green Glade/Roumen Sirakov's Daichevo
1.10 Smeseno Horo
1.11 The Last Dance

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