Mozzy: Internal Affairs

$11.16 $12.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Mozzy

Title: Internal Affairs
Label: Mozzy Records

Mozzy has been on a non-stop streak and he is not letting up with this new release, Internal Affairs. While embroiled in a battle with fellow Northern California rapper, Philthy Rich Mozzy releases his next project that features Sage The Gemini, Teejay3k, Sada Baby, E Mozzy & Celly Ru, Lil Poppa and Don Q

1.1 Smoke Session
1.2 Winning (Feat. Lil Poppa)
1.3 Slide (Feat. E Mozzy ; Celly Ru)
1.4 Chill Phillipe
1.5 Just My Luck (Feat. Sada Baby)
1.6 Die for It (Feat. Sage the Gemini)
1.7 Shine for Diamond
1.8 More Than Rappin
1.9 Pot to Piss
1.10 Firearm on Me
1.11 Ain't No Tellin' (Feat. Don Q)
1.12 Free Yatta, Pt. 2
1.13 Killdrummy

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