Knife with Mt. Sims

Knife with Mt. Sims: Tomorrow, In A Year

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Artist: Knife with Mt. Sims
Title: Tomorrow, In A Year

2010 two CD release, a collaboration between Swedish duo the Knife, the Berlin-based DJ Mt. Sims and Berlin's Planning to rock. Tomorrow in a Year is an Opera based on the life of Charles Darwin and was commissioned by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. The music is based on Charles Darwin's book on the Origin of the Species, his notebooks and other randomly selected Darwin related literature and articles. This is a studio version of the piece with slight differences and variations from the performed opera. Originally the Knife were commissioned to make the music but they thought this vast subject couldn't be interpreted by only two brains, so they invited Mt. Sims and Planning to rock to try a more collaborative process for the first time, not only to have a more fun and interesting process but also to capture the huge width of the theme of Darwin and evolution.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Epochs
1.3 Geology
1.4 Upheaved
1.5 Minerals
1.6 Ebb Tide Explorer
1.7 Variation of Birds
1.8 Letter to Henslow
1.9 Schoal Swarm Orchestra
2.1 Annie's Box
2.2 Tumult
2.3 Colouring of Pigeons
2.4 Seeds
2.5 Tomorrow in a Year
2.6 The Height of Summer
2.7 Annie's Box [Alternate Vocal Version] [Version]

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