Muck and the Mires

Muck and the Mires: Dial M for Duck

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Artist: Muck and the Mires
Title: Dial M for Duck
Product Type: VINYL LP

Bostons International ambassadors of garage rock 'n' roll have once again teamed up with JIM DIAMOND (White Stripes) and KIM FOWLEY for an explosive 12-song scorcher of an album. FOWLEY describes the band as a cross between the 1964 BEATLES and the 1977 RAMONES. On "DIAL M..", they expand these influences to include hints of '60s BUBBLEGUM, '70s POWER-POP and even a LITTLE BIT O' SOUL! Their British Invasion-style songs are all two minutes long and all potential hits; their live show is a high energy blast of fast-paced post-punk, gritty garage rock and roll. Featured on MTV as the winners of LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANDT'S (E-Street band/Underground Garage) national battle of the garage bands contest.

1.1 Three Steps Closer 2:40
1.2 Don't Write Her Off 2:59
1.3 Cheating Yourself 2:48
1.4 Someday I'll Get My Way 2:38
1.5 You Can't Run Away from Love 2:34
1.6 Double White Line 2:31
1.7 Candy Apple Red 2:56
1.8 Whenever She's Around 1:59
1.9 Kara Lee 2:34
1.10 Love Is Gonna Let You Down 2:49
1.11 Bad Omen 2:42
1.12 Pocket Change 2:38

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