Mull / Ja:Ck, Joel

Mull / Ja:Ck, Joel: Duke Of Huddinge / Nattura

$13.74 $15.98
Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Duke Of Huddinge / Nattura
Label: Cocoon
Product Type: VINYL LP

The almighty Cocoon 10" series is back and it is Swedish techno grand wizard Joel Mull and Italian freshman JA: CK who gives us the rush on the floor this time. Joel Mull presents a deep techno-dub-monster with "Duke Of Huddinge", a long-builder with a slight touch of Craig's "Throw" that keeps on growing and growing. Super deep techno with lots of space, echoes, and even dark melody bits. JA: CK's "Nattura" has "Hells Bells" meets a Guy Gerber harmonies with a strong hypnotic appeal. Insane and romantic at the same, this is a musical journey on the dancefloor.

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