Múm: Menschen Am Sonntag - Live In Berlin

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Artist: Múm

Artist: Múm
Title: Menschen Am Sonntag - Live In Berlin
Product Type: VINYL LP

Returning to Berlin for the third installment of their acclaimed live-score performance to accompany silent film classic Menschen am Sonntag (1930), Múm present a 10" vinyl comprising material that was recorded during previous installments of this extraordinary film/music event. Arriving with shimmering sounds and ambient layers, "Cards" eventually bursts into a mix of live drums and massive beams of electronica. Whereas "Evaporate" includes great piano miniatures, "Cycle Boats" boasts a melody that perfectly reflects the leisurely coming and going. "My Claws" is a wildly dense, unstoppable force of nature, that's catchy like an '80s pop tune.

1.1 Cards
1.2 Evaporate
1.3 Cycle Boats
1.4 My Claws

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