Mungo Jerry: Baby Jump: The Definitive Collection

Mungo Jerry: Baby Jump: The Definitive Collection
Title: Baby Jump: The Definitive Collection
Label: Sanctuary UK

Three CD set for act who shot to prominence in the summer of 1970 with the all time classic 'In the Summertime'. This is the definitive cross-career collection. 65 tracks. Sanctuary Midline. 2004.

1.1 In the Summertime
1.2 Mighty Man
1.3 Dust Pneumonia Blues
1.4 Baby Let's Play House
1.5 Johnny B Badde
1.6 San Fransisco Bay Blues
1.7 Say Eyed Joe
1.8 Maggie
1.9 Peace in the Country
1.10 See Me
1.11 Movin on
1.12 My Friend
1.13 Mother !*!*! Boogie
1.14 Tramp
1.15 Daddie's Brew
1.16 Baby Jump
1.17 The Man Behind the Piano
1.18 She Rowed
1.19 Somebody Stole My Wife
1.20 I Just Wanna Make Love to You
1.21 Lady Rose (Single Version)
1.22 Memoirs of a Stockbroker
1.23 Follow Me Down
1.24 You Better Leave That Whisky Alone
1.25 Coming Back to You When the Time Comes
1.26 Have a Whiff on Me
1.27 Milk Cow Blues
1.28 Little Louis
1.29 You Don't Have to Be in the Army to Fight the War
1.30 The Sun Is Shining
1.31 O'Reilly
1.32 We Shall Be Free
1.33 Ella Speed
1.34 Take Me Back
1.35 Hey Rosalyn
1.36 Northcote Arms
1.37 There's a Man Going Round Taking Names
1.38 Simple Things
1.39 Keep Your Hands Off Her
1.40 On a Sunday
1.41 That Old Dust Storm
1.42 Open Up
1.43 Going Back Home
1.44 I Don't Wanna Go Back to School
1.45 No Girl Reaction
1.46 See You Again
1.47 Demon
1.48 My Girl ; Me
1.49 Sweet Mary Jane
1.50 Lady Rose (Album Version)
1.51 Brand New Car
1.52 Summer's Gone
1.53 It's a Goodie Boogie Woogie
1.54 Say Goodnight
1.55 Alright Alright Alright
1.56 Little Miss Hipshake
1.57 Wild Love
1.58 Glad I'm a Rocker
1.59 Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black
1.60 Gonna Bop Til I Drop
1.61 Don't Stop
1.62 Shake Til I Break
1.63 Too Fast to Love and Too Young to Die
1.64 Burnin' Up
1.65 All Dressed Up with No Place to Go

Mungo Jerry: Baby Jump: The Definitive Collection

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