Mungolian Jet Set

Mungolian Jet Set: Mungodelics

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Mungodelics
Label: Smalltown Supersound
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2012 album from the Norwegian Electronica duo. The album is essentially a psychodramatic sequel to the highly acclaimed We Gave It All Away, Now We Are Taking It Back album (2009), as it is musically a blend of originals and remakes made into originals, as well as solo performances and external collaborations from the band's musical core members, Knut Saevik and Paul "Strangefruit" Nyhus. Mungodelics musically summons everything that is hazy, dazy, underearthly and crazy.

1.1 Toccata
1.2 Revolving Door
1.3 Smells Like Gasoline
1.4 Mung's Picazzo
2.1 Mush in the Bush
2.2 People on Strong Stuff
2.3 Ghost in the Machine
2.4 The Dark Incal

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