The Scottish Opera

The Scottish Opera: Bernstein, L. : Trouble in Tahiti: Symphonic D

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Artist: The Scottish Opera
Title: Bernstein, L. : Trouble in Tahiti: Symphonic D

1.1 I. Prologue
1.2 II. Somewhere
1.3 III. Scherzo
1.4 IV. Mambo
1.5 V. Cha-Cha
1.6 VI. Meeting Scene
1.7 VII. Cool
1.8 VIII. Fugue
1.9 IX. Rumble
1.10 X. Finale
1.11 Prelude: Mornin' Sun (Trio)
1.12 Scene 1: How Could You Say (Sam, Dinah, Trio)
1.13 Scene 2: Yes? Oh Mister Partridge! (Sam, Trio)
1.14 Scene 3: I Was Standing in a Garden (Dinah) - Scene 2A: Miss Brown? (Sam) - Scene 3A: Then the Desire Took Hold Inside Me (Dinah)
1.15 Scene 4: Well, of All People (Sam, Dinah)
1.16 Interlude: Lovely Day! (Trio)
1.17 Scene 5: There's a Law (Sam)
1.18 Scene 6: What a Movie (Dinah, Trio)
1.19 Scene 6A: There's a Law (Sam) - Scene 7: Evening Shadows (Sam, Dinah, Trio)
1.20 Elgin Heuerding in Conversation with Ulf Schirmer

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