Murder Junkies: A Killing Tradition

Murder Junkies: A Killing Tradition
Title: A Killing Tradition
Label: MVD Visual

Brand new fury from the incomparable Murder Junkies. "A Killing Tradition" builds on the classic Murder Junkies punk glam sound and lyrical sickness. Full color, serial killer heavy artwork makes this one a must have.

1.1 I've Seen Worse (But You're Bad Enough)
1.2 Chicks Can't Rock
1.3 Get Dead Real Soon
1.4 You Should Kill Yourself Too
1.5 Road Killer
1.6 Danny Rolling
1.7 Everyone I Know Is An Asshole
1.8 Shit Princess
1.9 Who Gives a Fuck What You Like
1.10 Less Is More
1.11 Long Long Ride

Murder Junkies: A Killing Tradition

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