Murmurists: I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You

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Artist: Murmurists

Artist: Murmurists
Title: I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You

Two years in the making, 'I Cannot Tell You Where I am Until I Love You' is the first release on Alrealon by Anthony Donovan. Combining spoken word with scenes culled from an involved admix of musique concrete, electro-acoustic and industrial, the album takes the listener through a complex series of dissociated communications, where attempts at congress and connection are stymied by language itself, with all signs failing to signify. An alienated love story of sorts is voiced by protagonists Bryan Lewis Saunders, Michael Holloway, Pixyblink, Jaan Patterson and Jo Pearson; each being asked, during the initial creative process, to perform their characterisations in isolation, with no inkling of the final project. In similar fashion, Donovan invited improvisers like Stephen Flinn, Antonio de Braga, Zafer Aracagok and Adrian Beentjes to react to certain concepts, instructions and suggestions. The results of these experiments were added to Donovan's own material, and worked into a single album-length, thematic composition. Donovan is an artist, musician, composer, improviser and writer based in England. He works solo, either as Murmurists or under his own name, and is associated with projects such as Destroyevsky, Ou_pi Golgotha. Undead, Ampersand, the. Clinamen and Spidey Agutter. An ardent collaborator, he has worked with the likes of John Zorn, Jochen Arbeit, Geoff Leigh, PAS, Steve Beresford and Damo Suzuki. Donovan co-curates the respected labels Classwar Karaoke and suRRism-Phonoethics with Jaan Patterson. His interests are all either obscure or opaque, but morally authentic.

1.1 I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You

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