Murphy / Newman

Murphy / Newman: Pilgrims Journey Home

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Artist: Murphy / Newman

Artist: Murphy / Newman
Title: Pilgrims Journey Home

1.1 Pilgrim Song (Traditional; Arr. Ryan Murphy)
1.2 Lead, Kindly Light (Words By John Henry Newman; Music By John B. Dykes; Arr. Mack Wilberg)
1.3 Homeward Bound (Marta Keen; Arr. Jay Althouse)
1.4 Pilgrim's Chorus, from Tannhäuser (Richard Wagner)
1.5 Saints Bound for Heaven (American Folk Hymn; Arr. Howard Helvey)
1.6 The Promised Land (Words By Samuel Stennett; Music By Daniel McDavitt)
1.7 Ain't That News (Traditional Spiritual; Arr. Stephen Hatfield)
1.8 Have I Done Any Good? (Will L. Thompson; Arr. David Zabriskie)
1.9 Goin' Home (Words By William Arms Fisher; Music By Antonín Dvorák; Arr. Rosalind Hall)
1.10 Pilgrims on a Journey (Words Adapted from Richard Gillard's Hymn the Servant Song ; Music By Jared Oaks)
1.11 Whither Goest Thou, Pilgrim Stranger? (Words: Anonymous; Tune: Warrenton, Sacred Harp; Arr. Ronald Staheli)
1.12 Shenandoah (Traditional; Arr. Carmen Dragon)
1.13 Hallelujah (Words By Charles Wesley; Music By William Walker; Arr. Jean Applonie)
1.14 My Little Mountain Home [Aka "My Little Welsh Home"] (W. S. Gwynn Williams; Arr. Daniel McDavitt)
1.15 When Johnny Comes Marching Home* / Keep the Home Fires Burning (Arr. David Zabriskie; *Words By Patrick Gilmore; Music: Traditional; *Words By Lena Ford; Music By Ivor Novello)
1.16 I Feel Like I'm on My Journey Home (American Spiritual; Arr. Ronald Staheli)
1.17 Come, Come Ye Saints (Words By William Clayton; Music: English Folk Song; Arr. Leroy J. Robertson)

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