Museum of Love

Museum of Love: Museum of Love

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Artist: Museum of Love

Artist: Museum of Love
Title: Museum of Love
Product Type: VINYL LP

Museum of Love is the musical project of Pat Mahoney (Founding member of LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany (Jee Day). Longtime friends in New York, McNany and Mahoney found a similar sensibility and a shared vocabulary for interpreting surroundings, something that began with their remix of Battles'My Machines feat. Gary Numan and extended into their creation of a full length record together.

1.1 Horizontalator
1.2 Down South
1.3 In Infancy
1.4 Fathers
1.5 The Who's Who of Who Cares
1.6 Learned Helplessness in Rats (Disco Drummer)
1.7 Monotronic
1.8 The Large Glass
1.9 And All the Winners

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