Mushroom Project

Mushroom Project: Mushroom Project

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Title: Mushroom Project
Label: Talking Elephant

MAGIC MUSHROOM BAND + ASTRALASIA = THE Mushroom Project 2015. Fused together this brand new album featuring original members of both the Magic Mushroom Band and Australasia plus new musicians. Originally founded in 1982 as a "psychedelic space pop" band. Later they formed their own label Fungus Records and started working together with the Magick Eye Records. Soon after Marc Hunt (AKA Swordfish) replaced drummer Jim Lacey in 1989, they began to explore the Ambient-Dub (and eventually Goa/Trance/House) territory with their side-project Australasia. While the members still considered themselves mainly as being the Magic Mushroom Band, Australasia was a huge success from the start, and they soon spent more time on the side project than on the original formation.

1.1 Imperial Eye
1.2 Invisible Guitar
1.3 Sunkissed
1.4 The Red Phase
1.5 Psychedelic Daydream
1.6 Cool Blue Skies

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