Muyei Power: Sierre Leone in 1970s USA

Muyei Power: Sierre Leone in 1970s USA
Title: Sierre Leone in 1970s USA
Label: Soundway Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2014 archive collection. Muyei Power or Orchestre Muyei (muyei means 'our country') was one of the top dance bands of the 1970s in Sierra Leone. Muyei Power: Sierra Leone in 1970s USA is an album of rock-infused, 'afro' music from a group that traveled the world throughout the mid 1970s. Fusing elements of electric Congolese and Nigerian music with fast, syncopated, up tempo modernized arrangements of traditional music, Muyei Power produced a series of unique single-only releases that have been unavailable for 35 years. The rare recordings featured here are a glimpse of a dynamic and powerful band at the very height of it's powers. The recordings featured here come from a period of touring the college circuit in California during late 1975 and early 1976. Orchestre Muyei Power finally split up in 1979 leaving no proper album releases and only a handful of recordings for US to enjoy all these years later.

1.1 Wali Bena
1.2 Be Patient
1.3 Ben Ben Bee
2.1 Bi Loko
2.2 Yamba Sowe

Muyei Power: Sierre Leone in 1970s USA

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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