Mysteries: New Age Music Is Here

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Artist: Mysteries

Artist: Mysteries
Title: New Age Music Is Here

Mysteries is just as it implies. A few months ago the felte label received an anonymous demo accompanied by a photo of 3 figures, faces covered like some sort of futuristic druids. To this day the label still doesn't know the group's origin, but the joy of discovering this music unimpeded renders this fact almost irrelevant. There's a sense that the band would prefer to keep your focus on the music and not who they are, where they come from or what you might perceive them to be before hearing a single note. Is it truly new age? We definitely haven't heard much like it.

1.1 Introduction (New Age Music Is Here)
1.2 Knight Takes Rook
1.3 Newly Thrown
1.4 Stateless Wonder
1.5 Authenticity Machine
1.6 Motion
1.7 Ev'rything
1.8 I Wanna
1.9 Call and Response, with Morals
1.10 In the Dark
1.11 Deckard
1.12 Trust

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