Myteri: Ruiner

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Artist: Myteri

Artist: Myteri
Title: Ruiner

Myteri 2017. What is there to say? Are there anything needed to be said? Doesn't everybody know this act by now? Through excessive touring, the band has given a reputation of themselves being a solid liveact. This fall to tour with Proestera, fellow anarchapunx from Gothenburg. This is their second release of dark crustpunk, yet melodic, just as it was meant to be. Deriving from Gothenburg/Falköping/Kristinehamn. Recently played with Totalt jävla mörker and later on, Link from Belgium. Both to fit great onto the sound of Myteri. Played Obscene Extreme 2017. Twelve songs of misery and despair - although on this release they included some uncommon instruments for crustpunk. A cello and a violim to mention a few.

1.1 Ruiner
1.2 Mördare I Uniform
1.3 Han Gräver Sin Egen Grav
1.4 Justitiemord
1.5 Mörka Äterwändsgränder
1.6 Dödens Hav
1.7 Lida I Tysthet
1.8 Hatets Fanbärare
1.9 Hämndens Timme ÄR Slagen
1.10 Vansinnets Industri
1.11 Deserter
1.12 Urholkningsprocessen

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