Naked Eyes: Fuel for the Fire

Naked Eyes: Fuel for the Fire
Title: Fuel for the Fire
Label: Cherry Pop

A much requested reissue of the synth-pop pioneers 2nd album remastered with 7 essential bonus tracks. Originally released in 1984 and featuring the singles "Sacrifice" and "(What) in the Name of Love" which reached the top 40 in both the U.S. Hot 100 and Dance charts.

1.1 (What) in the Name of Love
1.2 New Hearts
1.3 Sacrifice
1.4 Eyes of a Child
1.5 Once Is Enough
1.6 No Flowers Please
1.7 Answering Service
1.8 Me I See in You
1.9 Flying Solo
1.10 Flag of Convenience
1.11 (What) in the Name of Love (Extended Version)
1.12 Sacrifice (Arthur Baker 12" Version)
1.13 In the Name of Love (Byrne ; Fisher Mix)
1.14 Two Heads Together
1.15 Fuel for the Fire (Demo)
1.16 Babes in Armour (Demo)
1.17 Sacrifice (Demo)

Naked Eyes: Fuel for the Fire

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