Nale: Death. Skulls. Satan.

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Artist: Nale

Artist: Nale
Title: Death. Skulls. Satan.

2018 release. Sweden's hottest underground metal act breaks through and releases their album Death, Skulls, Satan! With a vicious blend of metal in the likes of Panera and the Haunted with the fast-paced rock of Danko Jones and a punk fueled in-your-face attitude of Motörhead, Nale delivers a high octane album with massive drive, heavy riffs, brutal vocals and groove that will leave necks, and hips, sore for days. An album of 11 hard-hitting songs that display the whole spectrum of one of Sweden's hottest upcoming acts and which blends seamlessly into their high energy, sweat drenched live performances.

1.1 Slither
1.2 Filth
1.3 Dead Man's Song
1.4 Death, Skulls ; Satan
1.5 Exit
1.6 No Escape
1.7 Drive
1.8 The Black
1.9 Hell's Wrath
1.10 Smasher
1.11 Pigs

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