Nancey Jackson-Johnson

Nancey Jackson-Johnson: Heart of Nancey Jackson Johnson

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Product Type: CD

Title: Heart of Nancey Jackson Johnson
Label: Camdon Music

Nancey Jackson Johnson's passion for God and ministering to people infuses THE HEART OF NANCEY JACKSON JOHNSON. The title of the album is linked to her passion for God and all that He has brought her through. 'This is a heart thing; it's a glimpse of my heart for God.' the album features an all-star team of producers, including Grammy-winner Kevin Bond, Asaph Ward, Clay Bogan, and PAJAM. The single, 'A Little Longer', tugs at her heartstrings and propels her to get closer to God. 'Whenever I get overwhelmed with life, it reminds me that God just wants my time. He wants me to stop and spend time with Him to get replenished,' she says. God says sometimes you need to just chill, that there's wisdom and joy in His Presence.' Nancey also adds, 'I really enjoy the presence of the Lord, and this CD strengthens my walk with God and really demonstrates my insatiableness for His Presence.'

1.1 You Are High
1.2 Little Longer
1.3 What a Privilege
1.4 I Matter
1.5 God's Word
1.6 I Am Not Defeated
1.7 I'm Free
1.8 Nothing Take My Song
1.9 Garment of Praise
1.10 Call on the Name
1.11 Gift of Praise
1.12 Worship Medley: I Rest in You/Who You Are

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