Nano Stern

Nano Stern: Los Espejos

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nano Stern

Title: Los Espejos
Label: Vitamin Records

Los Espejos is Nano Stern's third album. This is a record that follows as a natural development from Nano's earlier releases. Where his last record, Voy y Vuelvo (I Come And I Go) told the stories of his travels, Los Espejos (The Mirrors) reflects a journey inside, with the light and darkness to be found on a journey of this nature. Once again Nano is the producer, composer, arranger and performer. His outstanding new material is brought to life by the core line-up of the Nano Stern Band, including Alejandro Soto on piano, keyboards and accordion. Guests musicians include Matiias Perez, the accomplished Swedish guitarist, with backing vocals sung by Claudia Stern, Nano's sister. The opening track of the album, "Optical Ilusiones" was written in the Kalang Valley, near Bellingen, NSW, on his first tour of Australia in 2008.

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