Narvel Felts

Narvel Felts: Drift Away: Best

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Narvel Felts

Title: Drift Away: Best
Label: Bear Family

After two decades of middling success, Narvel Felts suddenly hit the big time as a country artist in 1973. For the rest of the decade he was one of the best-selling artists in country music with R&B flavored hits like Drift Away, Reconsider Me, Somebody Hold Me, Lonely Teardrops, My Prayer, Funny How Time Slips Away... and others They're all here. Nobody better deserved their success than Narvel Felts, and 28 of his greatest hits are here in one package.

1.1 Drift Away
1.2 Before You Have to Go
1.3 All in the Name of Love
1.4 Rockin' Little Angel
1.5 When Your Good Love Was Mine
1.6 Fraulein
1.7 Until the End of Time (; Sharon Vaughn)
1.8 She Loves Me Like a Rock
1.9 I Want to Stay
1.10 Wrap My Arms Around the World
1.11 Reconsider Me
1.12 Foggy Misty Morning
1.13 Funny How Time Slips Away
1.14 Blue Suede Shoes
1.15 Somebody Hold Me (Until She Passes By)
1.16 Away
1.17 Lonely Teardrops
1.18 Lonely Kind of Love
1.19 My Prayer
1.20 Garden of Eden
1.21 Feeling's Right
1.22 Moments to Remember
1.23 Love Somebody
1.24 Stirrin' Up Feelin's
1.25 One Run for the Roses
1.26 Never Again
1.27 Everlasting Love
1.28 End
1.29 Lonely Teardrops
1.30 Lonely Kind of Love
1.31 Lonely Kind of Love
1.32 My Prayer
1.33 My Prayer
1.34 The Garden of Eden
1.35 Garden of Eden
1.36 The Feelin's Right
1.37 Feelin's Right
1.38 Moments to Remember Medley: Blueberry Hill/I Don't Hurt Anymore/Don't w
1.39 Moments to Remember Medley: Blueberry Hill/I Don't Hurt Anymore/Don't w
1.40 To Love Somebody
1.41 To Love Somebody
1.42 Stirrin' Up Feelin's
1.43 Stirrin' Up Feelin's
1.44 One Run for the Roses
1.45 One Run for the Roses
1.46 Never Again
1.47 Never Again
1.48 The Everlasting Love
1.49 Everlasting Love
1.50 The End

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