Nas: Dancehall Is Dead

Nas: Dancehall Is Dead
Title: Dancehall Is Dead
Label: Modulor

2010 street mix from the Rap superstar along with MC/beat maker Insight. To make the challenge more appealing, Insight's revisited Nas work mixing up his love for Boom Bap and Reggae music. An experience he considers as a full art: "This is all about facing a song that has been created already. If you take it as a model there's nothing exciting and challenging left. You need to get away from the original track as much as you possibly can. The only restriction and constant is the acapella and you have to create a whole new world around this". Insight buckled down and got on with recycling Nas best songs and yet managed to make new classics from the original ones "I worked on those tracks as a whole, just like they were part of a same record so they can sound like a homogeneous album all together". The title Dancehall Is Dead is in reference to Nas eighth album Hip Hop Is Dead and definitely proves once again that Insight is a real creative talent.

1.1 Insight Presents Intro
1.2 What Would I Do
1.3 Fast Life
1.4 Book of Rhymes
1.5 Who?S Word Is This
1.6 Life?S a Bitch
1.7 Hate Me
1.8 Dancehall Is Dead
1.9 Thiefs Theme
1.10 Shoutouts
1.11 Less Then An Hour
1.12 It Ain't Hard to Tell
1.13 Flyest

Nas: Dancehall Is Dead

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