Nat Baldwin: People Changes

Nat Baldwin: People Changes
Title: People Changes
Label: Western Vinyl

Nat Baldwin's forthcoming album People Changes is much like the stark Maine setting in which it was created. The album shows welcome markings of his experimental bent from years as the Dirty Projectors bassist and a former disciple of free jazz legend Anthony Braxton, but the serene isolation of 17 million acres of New England forestland make this cabin-born set intimate and sincere. A lean ensemble of talented, time-proven friends was enlisted for the studio-some dating back to his New Hampshire childhood-chosen specifically to create the album's earnest live sound.

1.1 A Little Lost
1.2 Weights
1.3 Real Fakes
1.4 The Same Thing
1.5 Lifted
1.6 What Is There
1.7 Let My Spirit Rise

Nat Baldwin: People Changes

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