Nazareth: Expect No Mercy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nazareth

Title: Expect No Mercy
Label: Salvo

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1977 album from the Scottish Hard Rockers including 10 bonus tracks. One of Britain's hardest working bands, Dunfermline's Nazareth are road warriors par excellence. For almost 40 years, they have performed in front of fervent audiences across the globe and, showing no signs of slowing down, they are currently in the midst of yet another mammoth European tour. Expect No Mercy was the band's ninth album. The bonus tracks feature the mythical alternative, "lost" version of the album that has never previously been heard and has long been coveted by fans. Packaged in a stylish and sturdy wallet-style digipak. Salvo.

1.1 Expect No Mercy
1.2 Gone Dead Train
1.3 Shot Me Down
1.4 Revenge Is Sweet
1.5 Gimme What's Mine
1.6 Kentucky Fried Blues
1.7 New York Broken Toy
1.8 Busted
1.9 Place in Your Heart
1.10 All the King's Horses
1.11 Kentucky Fried Blues
1.12 Gone Dead Train
1.13 Shot Me Down
1.14 Greens
1.15 Life of a Dog
1.16 New York Broken Toy
1.17 Revenge Is Sweet
1.18 Desolation Road
1.19 Can't Keep a Good Man Down
1.20 Moonlight Eyes

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