Nazareth: Rock N Roll Telephone: Deluxe Edition

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Artist: Nazareth

Artist: Nazareth
Title: Rock N Roll Telephone: Deluxe Edition

New studio album features 2 bonus studio tracks and 6 live unreleased recordings 2 CD set.

1.1 Boom Bang Bang
1.2 One Set of Bones
1.3 Back 2B4
1.4 Winter Sunlight
1.5 Rock N Roll Telephone
1.6 Punch a Hole in the Sky
1.7 Long Long Time
1.8 The Right Time
1.9 Not Today
1.10 Speakeasy
1.11 God of the Mountain
1.12 Just a Ride
1.13 Wanna Feel Good? Live (Previously Unreleased)
1.14 Big Boylive (Previously Unreleased)
1.15 Kentucky Fried Blueslive (Previously Unreleased)
1.16 Sunshinelive (Previously Unreleased)
1.17 Expect No Mercylive (Previously Unreleased)
1.18 God Saved the Southlive (Previously Unreleased)

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