Neil Young

Neil Young: Neil Young

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Neil Young

Title: Neil Young
Label: Reprise / WEA

Neil Young's first solo record is quite a bit different from the sound he would later develop not that anyone could ever know what to expect from this mercurial visionary. This album, though, is a bit artier and less spontaneous-sounding than most of Young's catalog. That's not to say that he hadn't already developed a gift for writing unique, captivating material. He'd already shown that ability with Buffalo Springfield, and NEIL YOUNG is full of great, idiosyncratic tunes.

1.1 The Emperor of Wyoming
1.2 The Loner
1.3 If I Could Have Her Tonight
1.4 I've Been Waiting for You
1.5 The Old Laughing Lady
1.6 String Quartet from Whiskey Boot Hill
1.7 Here We Are in the Years
1.8 What Did You Do to My Life?
1.9 I've Loved Her So Long
1.10 The Last Trip to Tulsa

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