Nektar: Magic Is a Child

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Artist: Nektar

Artist: Nektar
Title: Magic Is a Child
Product Type: VINYL LP

NEKTAR / MAGIC IS A CHILD - Magic Is A Child is the seventh album from English progressive rock band Nektar. It is the only studio album released by Nektar without Roye Albrighton on guitar and lead vocals; this album instead features Dave Nelson. A special reissue of the 1977 album from Prog masters Nektar, featuring a young Brooke Shields as cover model, available on CD!

1.1 Away from Asgard
1.2 Magic Is a Child
1.3 Eerie Lackawanna
1.4 Midnite Lite
1.5 Love to Share (Keep Your Worries Behind You)
1.6 Train from Nowhere
1.7 Listen
1.8 On the Run (The Trucker)
1.9 Spread Your Wings

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