Nels Cline: Lovers

Nels Cline: Lovers
Title: Lovers
Label: Blue Note Records

2016 release. Nels Cline is the Wilco guitarist, named by Rolling Stone as one of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time." Produced by David Breskin, and composed/arranged by Michael Leonhart with 24 piece orchestra. The album features a combination of Nels' new compositions and a range of diverse covers by the likes of Sonic Youth, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Gabor Szabo.

1.1 Introduction / Diaphanous
1.2 Glad to Be Unhappy
1.3 Beautiful Love
1.4 Hairpin ; Hatbox
1.5 Cry, Want
1.6 Lady Gabor
1.7 The Bed We Made
1.8 You Noticed
1.9 Secret Love
1.10 I Have Dreamed
2.1 Why Was I Born?
2.2 Invitation
2.3 It Only Has to Happen Once
2.4 The Night Porter / Max, Mon Amour
2.5 Snare, Girl
2.6 So Hard It Hurts / Touching
2.7 The Search for Cat
2.8 The Bond

Nels Cline: Lovers

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