Nelson Riddle: Joy of Living: A Riddle of Contrasts

Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra: Joy of Living: A Riddle of Contrasts
Title: Joy of Living: A Riddle of Contrasts
Label: Jasmine Music

UK two CD collection. Arguably the greatest arranger in the history of American popular music, Nelson Riddle had a long and distinguished career. The Joy of Living features many rare 45s: "The Joy of Living", "Birds of Paradise", "Markham", "Poor Jud is Daid", "Midnight Blue", "Deep Blue Sea", "The Untouchables", and many more! Also included are rare collaborations with the great artist of the era: The Andrews Sisters, Nat King Cole, Betty Hutton, the Lancers, Margaret Whiting and the Four Freshman. Jasmine. 2011.

1.1 The Joy of Living
1.2 Moonglow
1.3 Birds of Paradise
1.4 Around the World
1.5 There's a Gold Mine in the Sky
1.6 "Markham" Theme
1.7 Poor Jud Is Daid
1.8 All Er Nothin'
1.9 Somethin' Special
1.10 I Speak to the Stars
1.11 Stowaway
1.12 Bonsoir Lisbon
1.13 Midnight Blue
1.14 Autumn in Rio
1.15 Dreams Can Tell a Lie
1.16 Hold My Hand
1.17 Venezuela
1.18 Ting-A-Lay-O
1.19 Deguello
1.20 I Took the Long Way Around
1.21 Goin' Steady
1.22 Deep Blue Sea
1.23 Brother John
1.24 "Pal Joey" Theme
1.25 Time (Wade, Dinning)
1.26 Shenandoah Shuffle
1.27 Siesta in Sevilla
1.28 Monique
1.29 Run for Cover
1.30 The Untouchables
1.31 Please Remember
1.32 Drive-In
1.33 Ill Wind
1.34 In the Mood
1.35 Idle Chatter
1.36 Green Leaves of Summer
1.37 Pendulum Song
1.38 An Affair to Remember
1.39 Make Her Mine
1.40 Caravan
1.41 Three Little Stars
1.42 Una Casa Portuguesa
1.43 How Long Has It Been?
1.44 Allah Be Prais'd
1.45 Matinee Theatre
1.46 Sea of Dreams
1.47 "Vera Cruz" Theme
1.48 Fascination
1.49 If I Give My Heart to You
1.50 Solitude
1.51 Take It or Leave It
1.52 Polka Dots and Moonbeams
1.53 Carmen's Boogie
1.54 One for the Wonder
1.55 Ziganette
1.56 Till There Was You
1.57 Blue Safari
1.58 Santana

Nelson Riddle: Joy of Living: A Riddle of Contrasts

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