Nelson Riddle: Lolita (Original Soundtrack)

Nelson Riddle: Lolita (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Lolita (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Hallmark

One of the most controversial books of the twentieth century, Lolita was first published in 1955 in France after two years of rejection slips. It was eventually published in America in 1958 following it's success and notoriety in Europe and repeated it's success. In 1962 director Stanley Kubrick assembled an all-star cast of James Mason, Shelley Winters, Peter Sellers and Sue Lyon for a film adaptation, with Bob Harris and Nelson Riddle writing the music for the film. Nelson Riddle was no stranger to theme work, having composed the themes to the likes of the Untouchables, Route 66 and Batman, yet Lolita would remain one of the most demanding film scores he undertook. Hallmark.

1.1 Love Theme from Lolita (1)
1.2 Quilty's Theme
1.3 Arrival in Town
1.4 Lolita Ya Ya
1.5 Love Theme from Lolita (2)
1.6 Humbert Contemplates Killing Wife
1.7 Discovery of Diary
1.8 Two Beat Society
1.9 Thoughts of Lolita
1.10 School Dance
1.11 Mother and Humbert at Dinner
1.12 Love Theme from Lolita (3)

Nelson Riddle: Lolita (Original Soundtrack)

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