Nemesea: White Flag

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nemesea

Title: White Flag
Label: Napalm

The Dutch female fronted band, Nemesea, famous for combining rock with electronica to stir up a dark and strangely addictive brew - have fine-tuned this musical combination to perfection on their fifth album 'White Flag'. The guitars and Sanne Mieloos outstanding vocals continue to be the driving force behind Nemesea. The alternative rock band has several surefire hits up it's sleeve, and it's impossible to not be enthralled by the all-encompassing balance between driving rock and soothing ballads. The album offers intense and soulful alternative rock complete with a subtle breath of goth and loudly demands the attention the band undoubtedly deserves. 'White Flag' is a gem that reveals it's many-splendored colors more and more each time you press play!

1.1 The Storm
1.2 Kids with Guns
1.3 White Flag
1.4 Sarah
1.5 Don't Tell Me Your Name
1.6 Fools Gold
1.7 Ratata
1.8 Nothing Like Me
1.9 Lions
1.10 Heavyweight Champion
1.11 Rise
1.12 Let This Be All
1.13 Sayonara
1.14 Dance in the Fire

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