New Harbour

New Harbour: EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: New Harbour

Title: EP
Label: CD Baby

It takes pressure and time to transform toxicity into a diamond. So goes the birth of music. Saturated with cover bands and one hit wonders, it was only a matter of time that the highly pressurized climate of Midwest rock music would spawn New Harbour, a band as musically creative as they are intense. Conceived in early 2005 by vocalist John Thornley, Guitarists Jeremy Byng and Paul Thornley, and drummer Luke Adams, it was the final addition of bassist Justin Long that filled in the missing pieces. What began as a jam session between friends quickly evolved into a series of musical experiments that would soon take New Harbour from an idea into a reality. Born and raised on various parts of the east coast, the guys of New Harbour spent much of their first year bringing together a wide variety of styles and ideas. There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears before we [New Harbour] were able to settle on a sound, said John. Even that sound is kind of the first batch of what we are doing. Hopefully it will always be changing, always evolving. Beyond their intensity for musical construction and raw live shows, the five guys of New Harbour rarely skip a creative beat. In March of 2006, the band went into the studio to record and produce their first EP. With countless successful shows under their belt, New Harbour's musical journey is just beginning. Luke put it simply: Sure there are other things we could be doing, but this is it, this is where we want to be. -Matt McClure.

1.1 Cassidy Kid
1.2 Chasing Love
1.3 Alarm Alarm Alarm
1.4 Kitchen Release
1.5 You Just Don't

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