Newcleus: Teknology: The Third Millennium Remixes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Newcleus

Artist: Newcleus
Title: Teknology: The Third Millennium Remixes

2018 compilation of remixes of the Newcleus electro classic "Teknology" from some of the best producers of today's various Electronic Dance sub-genres. Featuring the classic original recording, as well as remixes from Phill Moffa, Intelligentsia, Binalog Frequency, Gods Of Technology and many more.

1.1 Teknology
1.2 Teknology (DJ Heliobranco Remix)
1.3 Teknology (Sace 2 Remix)
1.4 Teknology (Cosmic Rockers Rework)
1.5 Teknology (Phil Moffa Remix)
1.6 Teknology (R21 Remake)
1.7 Teknology (Gods of Technology Remix) Bass Junkie and the Dexorcist
1.8 Teknology (Space Jazz Remix) Binalog Frequency
1.9 Teknology (Intelligentsia Remix)
1.10 Teknology (Breaknik Remix)
1.11 Teknology (Low Tech Remix) Sard Boogie
1.12 Teknology (DJ Moon Remix)
1.13 Teknology (DJ Xed Remix)

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