Newports / Sinner Strong

Newports / Sinner Strong: Dixie Women / Don't Knock It

$8.19 $9.99

Artist: Newports / Sinner Strong
Title: Dixie Women / Don't Knock It
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Limited seven inch vinyl pressing of this split single the R&B fraternity are still hungry for copies of the Newport's' 'Dixie Women', issued on our first New Breed CD, and has developed into a staple of the scene's DJs. Surprisingly the wonderfully named Sinner Strong has not been represented on Ace yet so 'Don't Knock It' puts that right and we can but ponder how she earned that name.

1.1 Dixie Women - the Newports
1.2 Don't Knock It - Sinner Strong

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