Nicholas Krolak

Nicholas Krolak: Voice = Power

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nicholas Krolak

Title: Voice = Power
Label: Next Level

2020 release. Atmospheric hard-bop pulse, ambient harmonic structure, and abstract lyrics coalesce into bassist Nicholas Krolak's sophomore album. Backed by some of the best musicians on the Philly scene, Krolak's vision reaches back to his ancestors and forward to the future being created today. Recorded live at Rittenhouse Sound Works in Philadelphia, PA, capturing the intensity and spontaneity of the moment.

1.1 Providence
1.2 Speaking Back Through Time
1.3 Interlude 1
1.4 Stargazer II
1.5 3
1.6 Interlude 2
1.7 A Mannequin's Hands
1.8 Crucian Lullaby
1.9 Interlude 3
1.10 This Is Our Moment

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