Balakirev: Complete Piano Works 1 - Sonatas

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Balakirev

Title: Complete Piano Works 1 - Sonatas
Label: Grand Piano

Volume 1 of the complete Piano Sonatas of Mily Balakirev includes the first recording of Op. 3 and the first recording of Op. 5 using the original manuscript and without the mistakes to be found in the two published scores. English pianist Nicholas Walker infuses these works with his characteristic knowledge and great technical acumen.

1.1 Andantino
1.2 Mazurka: Moderato
1.3 Intermezzo: Larghetto
1.4 Allegro Non Troppo, Ma Con Fuoco
1.5 Andante - Allegro Assai, Feroce
1.6 Mazurka: Tempo Di Mazurka
1.7 Andante
1.8 Allegro Feroce
1.9 Mazurka
1.10 Larghetto
1.11 Finale: Allegro Grazioso
1.12 Epilogue: Fuga

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